I Decided To Create and Share

Some of us go through so much yet we are still wonderful people to others, and to ourselves. To me that is so honorable. Lately I’ve been facing some struggles in almost every aspect of my life and trying to stay close to my faith. I must say that is not an easy task. Staying close to my faith has been something I’ve prayed about for years in hopes that one day God will find me, bring me toward him and overall save me. I think this year that prayer was answered. It was as if something magical had happened and all of sudden I was in church and bible studies and learning about Christ motivated to know him and be close to him. However, I feel things have turned for the worse in a lot of ways even being at church has been hard, I’m sticking through it in hopes things will get better. I’m going through this phase where I’ve questioned is all this even worth it? and is there even a point to being on the right path when all you ever have felt is pain in your life?

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I Wish To Sing

Ever felt like you had something good to say and you just wanted everyone to hear? That’s Literally how I feel about music; I’m an aspiring musician. I don’t think I’m great at singing because my nephew reminds me everyday that I’m not great at it but, music is my life and it always has been. Ever since I could remember I would get a brush and dance and sing in front of a mirror as if I was performing for thousands. Continue reading “I Wish To Sing”

When All You Want is More.

I haven’t had inspiration to write. I haven’t been feeling inspired enough to share my stories. When I share a story I want it to mean something. I want you to get something out of it. What I share on my blog is something I’ve learned or something I’ve dealt with in my life. I wanted to write a little bit about happiness. Continue reading “When All You Want is More.”