I Wish To Sing

Ever felt like you had something good to say and you just wanted everyone to hear? That’s Literally how I feel about music; I’m an aspiring musician. I don’t think I’m great at singing because my nephew reminds me everyday that I’m not great at it but, music is my life and it always has been. Ever since I could remember I would get a brush and dance and sing in front of a mirror as if I was performing for thousands. Continue reading “I Wish To Sing”


When All You Want is More.

I haven’t had inspiration to write. I haven’t been feeling inspired enough to share my stories. When I share a story I want it to mean something. I want you to get something out of it. What I share on my blog is something I’ve learned or something I’ve dealt with in my life. I wanted to write a little bit about happiness. Continue reading “When All You Want is More.”