I Wish To Sing

Ever felt like you had something good to say and you just wanted everyone to hear? That’s Literally how I feel about music; I’m an aspiring musician. I don’t think I’m great at singing because my nephew reminds me everyday that I’m not great at it but, music is my life and it always has been. Ever since I could remember I would get a brush and dance and sing in front of a mirror as if I was performing for thousands. The brush of course was my mic and still is. I love the idea of sharing you’re story in song and just having everyone vibe to your feelings. I love to write my own poems. I’ve been writing my own poems since forever. Love and heartache are my main topics. I haven’t got to the point where I’ve recorded and made my own music but I have so many ideas on my phone especially on my voice memo app. If you open my voice memo app you’ll find my covers to my favorite songs and songs I’ve made up. Have you ever had a hobby you love but haven’t gone far with it or wish to start a hobby you’ve always dreamed of doing. Leave a comment below and let me know what you aspire to be or do. I wish to sing a song that explained my every feeling emotion and love.

Until My next post love C


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